Friday, April 11, 2014

Wedding Sewing/Crafting

That other post is taking care of sewing goals not related to my upcoming wedding, but I need a place to keep track of wedding sewing and crafting.  And my mind is reeling from all the To-Do lists I am trying to hold in there, so better to write it all down in one location.

1.  Oakie outfit
2.  Button/brooch bouquet
2.  Take in shoulders on Junior Bridesmaid dress
3.  Table runner for the cake table
4.  Ribbon streamers for the arbor
5.  Underlayer for table toppers
6.  Groom's gift
7.  Cover-up for the winery's statue

Only if there's time...
8.  Curtain poetry
9.  Knit boy briefs zip pouch
10.  Kleenex couch(es)

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